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Thermal Transfer Wax Resin Ribbons

DNP offers extremely high quality wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons. DNP manufactures its ribbons in the United States and has the most stock sizes available for quick shipments.
TRX-50: An general purpose wax/resin ribbon to print on gloss paper, and synthetics. Prints at high speeds (12 ips) and excellent on rotated barcodes. DNP TRX-50 Wax-Resin Data SheetPDF
TRX-55: A premium wax/resin that prints on coated and uncoated papers and synthetics. Good for extreme environments, powerful against smearing and chemical resistance. DNP TRX-55 Wax-Resin Data SheetPDF
M260: A Ultra Durable wax/resin that prints on all uncoated and coated stocks. An ideal ribbon for labels requiring long lasting images. DNP M260 Wax-Resin Data SheetPDF
Signature Series: Signature series ribbons use the above formulas, but come wrapped and labeled in a special more attractive packaging. These ribbons are for those customers who like to see a more attractive package and are willing to pay a higher price for the special look. Signature Series Wax Data SheetPDF
TR-4500: This is a Premium wax/resin ribbon that prints on uncoated or coated papers and synthetics. This ribbon is for near edge printers only.DNP TR4500 Premium Near Edge Wax-Resin Data SheetPDF (PDF - 216KB)
M-295: This is a High Speed durable near edge Wax/Resin ribbon. This ribbon is for the flexible packaging industry and boasts print speed up to 26" per second. DNP M295C Specialty Near Edge Wax-Resin Colors Data SheetPDF (PDF - 156KB)
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Iimak offers the traditional ribbons plus they specialize in colored ribbons in wax, wax resin and resin made in the USA. Iimak also offers ribbons with their patented "Clean Start" which has a head cleaning strip at the beginning of each roll.
PM-350A: A wax resin ribbon for uncoated or coated paper and synthetics. Good durability, resistance to moderate solvents. Includes "Clean Start" built in print head cleaner. IIMAK PM350A Wax-Resin Data Sheet PDF
PM-308: A premium wax/resin for coated papers and smooth synthetics. Excellent for rotated barcodes. Includes "Clean Start" built in print head cleaner. IIMAK PM308 Wax-Resin Data Sheet PDF
Prime Mark: A premium wax/resin for glossy papers and glossy synthetics. Good for outdoor applications. Includes "Clean Start" built in print head cleaner. IIMAK Prime Mark Wax-Resin Data Sheet PDF
TR2 Prime: A premium wax/resin for coated papers and synthetics. Excellent for resistance to household cleaners and mild chemicals. Good steam resistance. IIMAK TR2 Prime Wax-Resin Data Sheet PDF
DC-200: Premium Wax/Resin for coated papers and synthetics. Available Colors Process Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Spot Colors: Lemon Yellow, Red, Wine, Shamrock green, Forest Green, White, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Violet, Brown, Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold. DC Colors DC100, DC200, DC400, Net Color PDF
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