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Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons

DNP offers extremely high quality wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons. DNP manufactures its ribbons in the United States and has the most stock sizes available for quick shipments.
TR-4070: This Premium resin ribbon has been a proven winner for many years. This ribbon is best when used on premium coated polyesters and polyimides. It has extreme scratch resistance, and is very durable. This ribbon does not print as well as the R-300 on some of the newer economical polyesters. DNP TR4070 Classic Resin Data Sheet  PDF
R-300: This is a general purpose resin ribbon. This is a very versatile ribbon, as it prints well on all of the synthetics, and polyesters, including the new economical polyesters. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. DNP R300 General Purpose Resin Data Sheet  PDF
R-510: This is an Ultra Durable Resin. It is the one of the toughest ribbons on the market. It has unmatched durability and chemical resistance. This is an excellent ribbon for printed circuit boards. DNP R510 Ultra Durable Resin Data Sheet  PDF
R-316: Specialty Heat Resistance Resin: It prints well on coated papers and synthetics. It prints well on matte polyamides. It is not a good choice for gloss polyesters or glossy stocks. DNP R316 Specialty Heat Resistant Resin Data SheetPDF
R-350: This ribbon is for the garment care labels. It is a Permanent care resin for printing on woven and non woven fabrics. It has incredible steam resistance and is dry clean and laundry safe. DNP R350 Resin Data SheetPDF
TR-3370: This ribbon is a high opacity white resin. It is for printing on PVC shrink tubing and is highly resistant to ethanol and isopropanol. DNP TR3370 Data SheetPDF
R-390: This is a general purpose resin ribbon, for near edge printers only. This is a very versatile ribbon, as it prints well on all of the synthetics, and polyesters, including the new economical polyesters. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. DNP R390 Near Edge Resin Data SheetPDF
Signature Series Ribbon: Signature series ribbons use the above formulas, but come wrapped and labeled in a special more attractive packaging. These ribbons are for those customers who like to see a more attractive package and are willing to pay a higher price for the special look. DNP Signature Series Resin Data SheetPDF
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Iimak offers the traditional ribbons plus they specialize in colored ribbons in wax, wax resin and resin made in the USA.  Iimak also offers ribbons with their patented "Clean Start" which has a head cleaning strip at the beginning of each roll.
SP-330: A super premium resin, for polyester and polyimide films. Iimak's highest resistance to heat, steam, and various chemicals. Maximum durability for harsh environments. Includes "Clean Start" built in print head cleaner. IIMAK SP330 Super Premium Resin Data Sheet PDF
SP-500: A Super premium specialty resin, specially designed for wash care labeling. Also heat resistant up to 570 degrees F when used on polyimide labels. Great for printed circuit board labeling. IIMAK SP500 Super Premium Specialty Resin Data Sheet PDF
NET Resin IQ: Super premium Resin with excellent scratch and smudge resistance, on Polyesters, smooth synthetics and flexible packaging. Good for outdoor. IIMAK NET Resin IQ Data Sheet PDF
DC-400: Super Premium resin for polyester and synthetic films. Spot Colors: Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Shamrock Green and Gray. DC Colors DC100, DC200, DC400, Net Color PDF
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